Our Campsite

Our Campsite

We invite you to enjoy the most authentic and fulfilling experience at Selous Jimbiza Camp.

The Management and the Team of Selous Jimbiza Camp assure our guests are provided with  quality service and excellent customer care. Selous Jimbiza Camp’s aim is to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible.

Jimbiza Camp is located on a cliff edge which overlooks the Rufiji River, and was built to blend in with the environment.  The Camp is within riverine bush and every attempt has been made to keep the area as natural and pristine as possible.

All rooms are comfortable, clean and spacious.  There are three different types of accommodation available. The Restaurant is near the cliff edge overlooking the Rufiji River where you can enjoy all your meals.  There is a well stocked Bar for your Sundowner drinks, while viewing the Sunset after a day of activities.

In and around the Camp you have a chance of seeing, Blue Monkeys, Black and White Colobus Monkeys, Monitor Lizards and perhaps even a glimpse of a Bushbuck, Suni Antelope or  Zanj Elephant Shrew.

You may also be lucky to see hippos lazily wallowing in the shallows, birds soaring over the water and crocodiles sunning themselves on the sandbanks.

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About Our Camp

Designed to meet a traditional yet comfortable way of life, Our Rooms are categorized in 3 different groups. The Riverside Bandas and Tents are designed facing the River Rufiji so that when you wake up outside your doorsteps Your first glance will be the River.

The Treetop Tents, These are for those requiring bit of a private accomodation style, very excluded, You get to experience a real wildlife like accomodation

We have A over 10 landrovers that provide a shuttle service for airport pickup & drop offs. Our Landrovers also provides game drive activities for our interested clients.

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