At Selous Jimbiza Camp, The Community of Mloka Village are  partners in terms of running the camp. We Collaborate with them in Various ways.

Eco Camping
Sustainable tourism is very important to us and we endeavour to keep our environmental impact to a minimum. The camp has been constructed mostly with local and natural materials. Moreover, we are mindful about reducing waste and implement recycling options where possible
Social Impact

Apart from the natural environment, we work closely with local Communities making sure that they equally benefit from cultural tourism. The local community has been involved from the very first step of construction of our camp.  We support them buy purchasing local produce as well as providing employment where ever possible.

As Selous Jimbiza Camp develops, more Community based projects will be set up to aid and give back to the community. We welcome your input on how we can further benefit our Community, Feel free to contact us

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